Find the Best Drone for the Job

Posted on August 22, 2017 By

Not so long ago if a business were to claim that it used tiny flying robots to perform some of its essential functions everyone would have assumed that the owner was a lunatic, or that they were being scammed. Today, though, drones have become wildly popular across a wide variety of industries. Below are just a few ideas that can help small business owners embrace the possibilities offered by using drones, and a few tips about how to find the best drone for the job.

Innovative Advertising

Most people have, at some point in their lives, seen a full-sized aircraft pulling a banner or another form of advertisement. This approach is certainly attention-grabbing, but unfortunately it is also extremely expensive. Small drones provide an excellent, and much, much cheaper, alternative. Consider choosing a drone that can be equipped to blast audible music or messages instead of, or in addition to, pulling banners.

Aerial Surveying

Any contractor or company that needs to perform land surveys over the course of its duties to its customers should consider the benefits of investing in drones. Performing aerial surveys can allow for much faster reconnaissance of an area. When choosing a drone, be sure to focus on the quality of any video or camera footage. The purpose of using a drone for aerial surveys is to get high-quality images, so it’s worth spending the extra money on a product that focuses on this task.

Aerial Photography

Photographers can use drones to get a leg up on their competition. There are so many photographers attempting to break into markets like wedding and concert photography that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. How many of them, though, can offer professional-quality aerial photographs of the events in addition to close-ups and portraits?

Infrastructure Inspections

Companies that require periodic inspections of specific buildings or structures can save a lot of money by purchasing drones to do the work for them. Some examples include electrical companies and oil companies. Regularly inspecting these lines can be cost inefficient if it requires actually sending an employee out to remote areas, but purchasing a drone and programming it to capture video and photographs from the air can be a much cheaper option. Look for a model that has a long range to increase cost-efficiency.

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