How To Find The Best Vendor

Posted on October 24, 2016 By

Opening an online store isn’t easy. There are many hurdles to go through. This becomes more true when you have no expertise with IT related issues. We’ll not deal with all other aspects, but only with the aspect of finding a vendor. If you are running a shop women’s knitwear online store, you need to ensure that you keep a constant or at the very least good supply of your products.

This can only be done if you have a good vendor that can keep your shop women’s top online store stock available at all times when it’s needed. In order to know which vendor to choose, we shall explore the methods through which you can find vendor:

Drop shipping

This is probably one of the most used methods by people who open an online store. It sounds very appealing and less costly at first. This is because with this method there’s no need to keep stock any times, so you can offer customers a chance to shop womens wardrobe classics without actually having them in store. There is no inventory needed on your part as the store owner.

This method provides a great way to fill in gap in the production line. The problem is the stocking process is outsourced, so you might encounter problems with your customer that are entirely out of your hands. You’d get calls about faulty product, products being shipped late. You won’t be able to have an answer to the question as the issue is not under your control. In addition, there have been talks from different owners about how small the profit margins get when using this method.

Wholesale Domestically

The term wholesale has in recent times been used to mean cheap purchases. This is not always the case. This definition probably arose because when buying goods on wholesale one tends to get a large discount on their purchase. The problem with wholesale is that it varies from place to place. Those located in the US can testify on how expensive it’s purchasing wholesale (it’s still cheaper than retail, but expensive enough to bring profit margins down).

This might be because things aren’t produced in the country anymore, so they have to be imported and checked for quality by the wholesaler, so inorder to reap benefits they have to charge a higher price. As previously said, this differ from location to location, you might have better luck if you’re located close to the source of production.

Buying from Manufacturers Overseas

This also depends upon your location. For those in the developed countries, they can attest on how the production has been shifted to the less developed countries. This has meant that things are a lot cheaper in these areas than back home. Sure, you might have to deal with communication issues and logistic issues, but in the end it might prove to be worth it. If you’re located in the less developed countries where these goods are easily available at a cheap price, then there is never a need to look overseas.


The methods mentioned above will ultimately determine who your vendor is going to be. On the matter of which method works best for you depends on a number of factors such as your location, budget and many other reasons. Take your time think about it and choose carefully as this might make or break your business.